About the authors

This blog takes a passionate look at all aspects of City Wayfinding, considering examples from around the world that demonstrate the positive impact a well executed wayfinding system has on our cities. We aim to strike a balance between subjective opinion and established fact, drawing just as strongly from our many years of practical experience in the world of wayfinding as from our genuine enthusiasm for the subject.

Tony Pearce is Head of Smart Cities at T-Kartor. He works with cities and transport authorities across the globe to manage City Wayfinding and transport information projects, including Transport for London (UK), the New York Department of Transport (US), the City of Toronto (Canada), Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (Stockholm, Sweden), Transport for the West Midlands (UK), Dublin Bus (Ireland), and the West and South Yorkshire Combined Authorities (UK).

Based in southern Sweden, Tony has been with T-Kartor for the past two decades and can count cartographer, information designer, project manager and key account manger amongst the roles he has held. Come rain, shine or snow, Tony cycles to the office from home, and openly wishes his work responsibilities would require him to fly a little less.

Sergio Luke is Senior Consultant at T-Kartor. He currently lives within commutable distance to Paris, where he manages T-Kartor’s current work with Île de France Mobilités. Previously, Sergio spent over a decade in his native city working for Transport for London, where he held a number of roles focused on transport information. Sergio has been responsible for producing tools that help people get around using every mode of transport in London, and he was also part of the team tasked with effective travel communication before and during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Sergio managed the expansion of the Legible London basemap database, making judgements on content management, application of information hierarchy, choice of 3D landmark buildings and co- ordination of stakeholder contributions. A diehard advocate of sustainable transport, Sergio spends perhaps more time than is healthy examining transport information provision in cities wherever he travels.

Please note that any views or opinions expressed in this blog, whether actual or inferred, are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the position of T-Kartor.